Voices from the Other Side

Living in the US during World War II (AND Korea, AND VietNam, AND Iraq AND Afghanistan) was/is safe and comfortable for most people.  But war is ugly wherever it occurs, not only on the battlefield but also for the populations living in the countries or near the belligerents and their corresponding combat zones.  They can be subjected to destructive aerial bombardment, displacement, vital life shortages, political intimidation, occupation by foreign troops, and all the fear and suffering that accompanies those wartime situations.

The German stories in this book are a sample of such conditions, as told by civilian “victims” as well as military personnel describing hardship and suffering unknown to American  civilians.  They also offered descriptions of their coming to America—the “Promised Land”—and their successes here.

These subjects were mostly from the Front Range of Colorado.  The memoirs presented here are a fraction of what is out there waiting to be recorded; every American city and state could likely publish its own version from their immigrant residents.
Don’t wait.  Time is getting short as these valuable chroniclers age.  Read excerpts